Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Perfect e-Storm Survival Guide

The movie, The Perfect Storm (2000) recounts the story of the Andrea Gail which in 1991 while at sea encountered three storms (including Hurricane Grace) which combined to create the perfect storm. The boat and crew did not survive.

In 2004, Dr. Curtis J. Bonk made an analogy to the story of the Andrea Gail and the collision in education of emerging technology, learner demand, enhanced pedagogy and budget issues. Hence, The Perfect E-Storm, Parts 1 and 2.

The inevitable will happen. Actually, the e-storm is already happening. How can we survive this deluge of intense want from so many different directions? Survival will not be easy, but YOU can do it! Consider the following suggestions:

[1] Never become completely satisfied with your teaching. Always seek to improve the delivery and assessment techniques used in your classroom.
[2] Unite with others to weather the storm. Form a study group with colleagues, take an online class, and ask your students to demonstrate the new technologies they use outside of school.
[3] Enjoy the journey. Walking in the shoes of a student can make you a better teacher. Find ways to make the experiences fun.

Here's a sample of what's out there...

Augmented Reality: GE's Ecomagination
Digital Libraries: Oxford Digital Library
Games and Simulations: Shodor's Interactivate
e-Learning: Michigan Virtual University
Reusable Learning Objects: Texas A&M Repository

Bonk, C. J. (2004, June) The Perfect E-Storm. Retrieved March 26, 2012 from

Resource: Concept Map for teaching surface area and volume of Geometric solids.


  1. Love your survival techniques! Also you formatted your concept map in a very easy to read format.

  2. Thanks Shelly. Use any and all if it helps.