Saturday, April 14, 2012


Cheating happens. 

With technology, cheating has become more efficient. 

Cheating coupled with a poor work ethic undermines our efforts to ensure a quality education for all. 

As teachers, we must look at our assessments for learning and examine the validity, reliability and, now, security. Ask yourself, "Have I developed a set of assessment tools which will maintain a secure judgement of student growth and progress?" If not, change the way you conduct assessment.

I suggest you combine online work with formative and summative assessments in class. Get to know your students and their work. Listen to their questions and provide guidance. Promote organization, model a strong work ethic, and prepare students for success. If a student then makes a bad decision, discipline appropriately. 

Cheating happens so be prepared to be completely disappointed. Confront, discipline, and move forward.

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