Monday, May 7, 2012

The End Of The School Year

The end is near.

Most teachers are tired and have classrooms full of students who are ready for vacation. Yet in this moment we have an incredible opportunity to determine if mastery has been achieved. All of the work up until now has been pointing to a meaningful understanding of the subject matter. The students should be producing their best work of the year. Teachers should be tying together the loose ends of the current course and encouraging initial interest in the next course. 

This is also the time to evaluate the effectiveness of your classroom management routines. If your routines are working under these conditions, then they can be deemed effective. If not, fix them. 

Challenge yourself and your students to exhibit excellence and finish the school year strong. 

Even though the end is near, there is always one more thing to do. Help students to see the end can easily represent the next beginning.

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