Sunday, May 19, 2013

Right, Wrong, and Tolerance

Everyone is a person of value. 

As we go through life we develop a sense of right and wrong as well as some level of tolerance. In society we attempt to influence this process through the family, organizations (e.g. churches), and laws. In schools we facilitate this process through the use of rules and regulations.

Unfortunately, the human condition takes over and the lines of right and wrong become blurred. An attitude of "something is wrong only if I get caught" developes. Tolerance extends to limit the liability and responsibility of the individual. Hence, the logical next step becomes "you caught me, I apologize, and here is who hurt me". Liabilty and responsibility are deflected and placed elsewhere.

Everyone is a person of value and responsible for their own actions. Everyone should be extended respect. This does not imply, though, all of their actions are acceptable, nor does it imply the extension of tolerance is infinite.

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