Saturday, March 10, 2012

Inspiration...A Different Kind of School Field Trip

When the thought of inspiring our students is considered we often think about special events: guest speaker, special project, or field trip. 

For a moment, let's play out the dynamics of a field trip. 

The teacher selects a location of value to supplement the curricular program of study. Students seek permission from their parents to attend because they want to go. On the day of the trip, there is great excitement because students feel they are "getting out of school". Students often wear their coolest clothes, put their favorite snacks in their backpacks, and get on the bus smiling. They are genuinely excited.

What if we were able to duplicate that excitement, desire, and inspiration at our schools? How would education be different if each morning our students got off the bus with the feeling of arriving for a field trip...wearing their coolest clothes, having their favorite snacks, and smiling with genuine excitement. Students would be eager to start their day. Learning would be an adventure. And, yes, when their parents ask, "What did you learn in school today?" there would actually be an answer different from "Nothing!"

What will you do today to create such a classroom, such a school, and most importantly, such a child?


  1. Alan,
    My take is that you answered your own question. It is the novelty that makes the dynamic of field trips, it's the "getting out of school".
    I always wanted them to find class as more like a favorite old pair of jeans..something comfortable that you return to time after time because it seems to feel "right". Much like the feelings I got watching you teach. Keep up the good work.

    1. Pat,
      Good point. I find, though, many students are 'numb' from taking part in school. We need to recapture their interest. I do not suggest we create a "dog and pony" show but find ways to get them to want to learn. What happened to that 1st and 2nd grader excited about learning? We lose too many over the next 12 years.