Saturday, February 19, 2011

Homework: Quality Control

Most students use homework once. There is a repetitive cycle of doing (or copying) homework and getting a grade. Work lacks quality and is often turned-in late.As teachers, what can we do to get students to improve the quality of their work then reuse it?

In my class I address these issues by allowing students to use their notebooks on quizzes, tests, and exams. Questions are written to support the use of homework assignments and students who do quality work are rewarded.

How do you get students to improve the quality of their work and to reuse it?

* I no longer accept late work. 
   See previous post, Late Work Is Not Accepted.

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  1. I worked for KVG Consultants, a computer software house, and my boss assigned me numerous time sensitive projects. It didn't matter that I had this or that planned the bottom line was it (homework) needed to be completed: on time and to a standard.

    I realize that making the comparison between a 27 year old man working in IT and high school/middle school students is a huge stretch. However, the reality is that our students/children are heading into a work force that is changing. Competition will be fierce for jobs and in that future those students/children that have learned the valuable life lessons referred to in your last two blog posts will benefit.